Tips for Using Lighting to Enhance your Décor

For most designers and design blogs the focus is often completely dedicated to what furniture or accessories you have for remodeling your room. Now while I agree that this should be the most important consideration for the room, do not forget the effect that lighting can have on both the décor, wall art and even the arrangement of the room. We have collected a few tips for you to consider when remodeling a room that make sure to keep lighting as a consideration.

Bring out the focus

What lighting is best at accomplishing is helping the remodeler to define the focus of the room. Say the room has some beautiful pictures in stickr frames that are lining the wall, you can invest in a set of track lighting that will mount directly above the photo in order to accentuate its placement. Or say your room has a turn of the century feel, something as simple as a wall sconce can add lighting while not taking away from the room’s personality. Lighting is becoming so versatile in today’s marketplace that it is essential to spend time finding the perfect piece for your individual style.

Accentuate the shadows

While shadows are not preferred for all design types, shadows can often actually add to the look of the room. The contrast between light and dark that shadows provide, work to accentuate the colors, thus giving the room a unique look. Shadows are often seen in design when the user has slotted window blinds as the shadows can throw lines onto the floor or wall to provide an interesting style. Think about the way that shadows will work with your room’s design.

Create the mood

Lighting is essential to defining and controlling the mood of the room. Strong lighting is a bold look that lets the room stand out, while reserved lighting makes the room more peaceful and calming to be in. Dining rooms often have bold lighting as you hang out and eat there, while bedrooms will often have a more reserved style as this is where you retreat at the end of the day. The style of the light can also help to create the mood. A rustic centerpiece in the kitchen can help to create the farmhouse style, while a sleek hanging light in the living room can complete the modern look. Whatever your style, invest in a light that works with it.

Fall back on natural light

Often people forget about the allure of a well-built room that utilizes natural lighting. Natural lighting can come in from windows, skylights or even a sliding glass door and can save electricity and provide a calming feel during the day. At night the skylight can provide a great view of the stars as well depending on your location and light saturation.

Remember the bulb

Modern light bulbs are not just the one size fits all bulbs of the past. They vary in electricity use, size and even the hue or tint the light gives off. Most florescent lights can be either a blue or an orange tint depending on your personal preference and the way you want your room colors to stand out. If you are unsure of which you prefer, you can always invest in both and test them out in your home. It is never a bad idea to have an extra light bulb hanging around.

These are just some of the tips we recommend when investing in new lighting for a room. If you follow these tips you should be able to create lighting that brings out the beauty of the room with only a small amount of effort.

– Josh McNair

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