5 Sophisticated Dorm Room Enhancements

As we make our way through the fall season, you, the American college student live on leafy campuses around the country and continue to settle in for another semester. As per the norm, many of you live in campus dorms best described as bare boxes waiting to soak up the life and times of each new resident. When it comes to style, you may feel the need to skimp or go overboard. With these 5 dorm room enhancements you will easily separate yourself from the pack and compliment your BUTCH & harold stickr frames to bolster your own style and attain university-grade elegance.

  1. Bodum French Press

    Your Mr. Coffee is tired and Starbucks is getting pricey. Instead, grind your own beans and press ‘em like the French. Don’t bother putting this in a cupboard these look great indefinitely lounging on your countertop.
  2. Society6 Art Prints

    Everyone has posters. In fact, everyone seems to have the same posters. Society6 has an enormous selection of cool, independently designed art prints. Browse through and put your own style on display rather than that offered by your campus bookstore.
  3. IKEA Orgel Vreten Floor Lamp

    You could stick with fluorescent lights, but they tend to feel a little cold. This IKEA floor lamp creates a warm and comfortable mood that is inexpensive to boot.
  4. Paint Your Walls

    Choose a bold color and paint over those white walls. It may seem like a lot of work, but it is definitely worth it over the course of the school year. Not only will your room stand out but it will gain a personalized, cozy feeling as well.  Just make sure this is allowed by your university housing system.

  5. These are rarer than you would think. Most students tend to stick with small digital alarm clocks. Add a dash of class with an analog wall clock—the bigger the better.

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